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Experienced Support For Wrongful Death Claims

There are many situations that might deprive someone of their life well before their time. Car accidents, defective products, violent crime, unsafe working conditions and medical mistakes are only a few examples in which one party’s negligent actions could cost another person’s life.

At The Denson Law Firm, LLC, we serve our clients with the utmost compassion and care. Our team has recovered for families who have lost loved ones in a broad range of death cases involving fatal car accidents, malpractice, drownings, electrocutions, house fires, and defective products, among others. Our attorneys, Scott Denson and Warren Conway, can provide close legal support if you have lost a loved one.

Suing On Behalf Of A Loved One

Families in Alabama and Mississippi can search for justice through civil litigation. An eligible party, such as the decedent’s spouse or their personal representative, can file a lawsuit against the person or group that caused the wrongful death.

Although litigation can be intimidating and complex, we work to ease the burden for you. Professional legal counsel can allow you to face against large companies or powerful opponents. We know what to expect and how to counter the challenges to your case.

The Value Of A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In addition to giving you and your loved one justice, a wrongful death lawsuit or settlement can cover several personal and economic damages. Depending on the state where death occurs, damages may include some or all of the following:

  • Medical costs, if applicable
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of household income, including previously expected future income or benefits
  • Loss of parenting support, companionship and other relational care
  • Pain and suffering of the decedent
  • Punitive damages, which serve to punish the opposition for negligence or abuse

Our team will identify all the ways in which this loss will affect your life and finances, then fight to win the maximum amount possible for your case. While no amount of money can fully settle the score for your loss, we will do everything in our power to keep your family financially secure.

We Are On Your Side

The Denson Law Firm, LLC, is prepared to demand justice for you and your loved one. For a free consultation, email our firm or call 205-964-9101 for the Birmingham office or the Gulfport office. With over 100 years of total experience, our lawyers are passionate about achieving results that let families reach a measure of fairness after a tragically unfair loss.