Get Full and Fair Compensation For Your Loss

Professional Legal Help For The Most Serious Injuries

When I, attorney Scott E. Denson, decided to focus my legal career on personal injury law, I decided to do so with an emphasis on helping those suffering some of the most serious injuries possible – burns and electrocutions. By making this decision, I turned away from the path of least resistance and onto a road that many lawyers avoid. Victims of burns and electrocutions suffer some of the most painful, permanent and disfiguring injuries known to medicine. The families of fatally injured victims have usually suffered a series of torments that most of us cannot imagine.

From the moment a burn or electrocution occurs, that person’s life – and the lives of their loved ones – changes forever. At The Denson Law Firm, LLC, my job as your personal injury attorney and advocate is to protect Alabama residents affected by these tragedies and ensure that they have the compensation they need to recover as completely as possible. I have over 25 years of total legal experience that I draw upon to give my clients an advantage in these complex and challenging cases.

Burns And Electrocution Can Result From A Variety of Causes

Over the years, I have represented many victims of burns and electrocutions, and each victim’s situation has proven to be unique in both cause and effects. Some of the causes of injuries to my clients include the following:

  • Tipping stoves
  • Defective stoves, ovens and gas heaters
  • Gas and electric utility company negligence
  • Power lines downed by trees or storms
  • Defective installation or power line maintenance
  • Improper tree trimming
  • Exploding water heaters and other dangerous products
  • House fires due to faulty wiring
  • Burns from steam or overheated water

Regardless of the cause of your or your family member’s burn injury or electrocution, I have the experience necessary to build a strong case to support your claim for personal injury or wrongful death compensation.

We Will Consider All The Aspects Of Your Case

I know how painful burns and electrocutions are for victims. I also know how painful the loss of a loved one is for a family. Before I pursue compensation for you, I will examine all the possible effects of your injuries, including concrete effects such as the need for long-term care, and more abstract effects such as the appearance of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whatever the extent of your injuries and their effects on your future, I will work to ensure that you receive fair personal injury or wrongful death compensation. To discuss your situation with me, attorney Scott Denson, call my Birmingham location at 205-606-6866, or email me to schedule an initial consultation at my law office.