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How To Protect Yourself After An Auto Accident

An accident can be a physically and emotionally traumatic experience. The initial shock of the impact turns into worry about your injuries and the safety of your passengers. What you do next can not only affect your health, but your actions can also impact your legal options.

At The Denson Law Firm, LLC, our lead auto accident lawyer, Warren Conway, can help you determine what to do after an accident in Mississippi or Alabama. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team can advise you early in your case to protect your personal injury claim.

Recommended Steps After An Accident

To protect yourself and your claim, you can take the following steps:

  1. Seek urgent medical care: Check your own health, then check to see if the other driver is injured. If necessary, call emergency services to help you or the other driver prevent further injury or death.
  2. Report the accident to the police: You can call 911 depending on the severity and location of the crash. Alternatively, you can call your local police station number to file an accident report. Do not admit fault. State the facts in a neutral manner.
  3. Take photos and collect information: Photos of the accident scene, names and contact information of witnesses and the other driver’s insurance information are all vital forms of evidence. Even if your case does not involve trial, it is valuable to have resources that can support your claim and prove fault.
  4. Report the accident to your insurance company: Your insurer likely requires you to report accidents within a few days of the incident. Again, do not admit fault – even to your own insurance company. It is advisable to speak with your lawyer before calling your insurer so that you are prepared for any questions they ask you.

Contacting your attorney as soon as possible after the accident can help you figure out how to position your case for success. Accidents involving 18-wheelers, commercial vehicles or fatalities typically require special legal care. No matter the circumstances, our attorneys have the knowledge to guide you.

Get Specific Answers To Your Questions

If you have significant injuries due to a crash, The Denson Law Firm, LLC, can help you file an insurance claim. We will also pursue further options if the insurance companies fail to give you fair compensation. Our goal is to reach the maximum results for your sake. Email us or schedule a free consultation by calling 205-964-9101 for our Birmingham or Gulfport locations today.