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When bedsores may be a sign of nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Nursing Home Neglect

Residents of Alabama might want to learn more about loved ones that may have bedsores and what they mean. You want your aging family member to have the best nursing care, so learning more about what causes bedsores is of primary importance in your confidence of making the right choice for a nursing facility.

According to legal sources and government studies, bedsores are not an inevitable result of being in a nursing home. Residents may be bedridden, but they need not have this issue with proper care. Staff members in nursing homes should know what they need to do to prevent complications.

What are bedsores?

This condition develops from pressure and is a type of ulcer. Age, mobility, skin that is thinning and certain medical issues may have an effect.

They are not inevitable

Bedsores may get worse with a lack of good nutrition and hydration. Being in one position over a period of time may be the cause of their appearance. You might see them on the lower back, heels, hips and tailbone. To make matters worse, the presence of moisture can make them even more of an issue.

Where does the staff come in?

Staff members have a duty to turn the patients regularly and to make sure that the patients eat well and are clean and free of soiled clothing. Painful for the patient, bedsores can even lead to death if not treated. They may be a sign of utter nursing home neglect.

Recognizing and treating bedsores

At the first sign of bedsores, the facility must take action. They should prevent it from becoming worse. In some cases, a loved one may not be able to tell the staff of their discomfort. It is up to the nursing home to be sure the resident is comfortable.

If they cannot move on their own, elders are especially prone to bedsores. They are a sign that the person has been in the same position and has possibly suffered neglect at the hands of the nursing home.

You want something better for your loved one, and you should be aware of this problem in nursing home care. Knowing about the issue of bedsores may be helpful.