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Retinal detachments: why malpractice claims are on the rise

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

When someone thinks about going to an ophthalmologist in Alabama, they usually don’t think that anything will go wrong. This is understandable as ophthalmic malpractice claims don’t usually make the rounds within the media. However, according to insurance companies, ophthalmic malpractice is actually very common.

Recent findings

Recently, over 1,630 ophthalmic malpractice claims were reviewed as a part of a study. According to the review of these claims, over 14% of them ended up involving a diagnostic error. Of that group, 84 of the claims involved the retina. This information clearly shows how retina errors are the most common claim being made.

Time is critical

If there is going to be an effective and successful retinal detachment surgery, there needs to be a proper diagnosis. However, recent studies have shown that over 85% of retinal detachment cases are mistakenly diagnosed. How can so many doctors miss such a common issue? The reality is that, like many other errors within the medical world, a number of factors lead to misdiagnosis. One of the most common is a lack of an educated team. If a doctor doesn’t communicate or have a team to discuss certain patients, then they are only limited to their own knowledge.

Patients not being a part of the process

When patients are treated for retina issues, many are not being properly educated about their medical issues. This can lead them to place themselves in risky situations where they can potentially hurt themselves even further. It is important to educate patients on their symptoms as well as any exams that they need.

It’s understandable for patients to feel alone and betrayed after medical malpractice has taken place. This is why it may be helpful to find a professional legal team to guide you through the process of finding justice.