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What can play a role in rollover crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Rollovers are among the most violent crashes that drivers in Mississippi can find themselves in. Usually, they involve only one vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that nearly 85% of all rollover-related fatalities arise in single-vehicle crashes. Driver behavior has a lot to do with many of these crashes, and below are just a few of the most common factors.

Excessive speed is perhaps the leading factor. It’s involved in some 40% of fatal rollovers. No other type of fatal car accident is so affected by speeding. In addition, nearly three-fourths of fatal rollovers take place in areas where the speed limit is 55 mph or faster. Rural areas, with their high speed limits and lack of lane divisions or barriers, see an overwhelming number of rollovers.

Besides speeding and location, alcohol can play a major role. Drivers don’t have to be legally drunk to become impaired in their judgment, vision and muscular coordination. Just a couple of drinks may be all that’s necessary to cause drivers to lose control. Then there are the distractions that drivers can engage in behind the wheel, such as eating and phone use.

Vehicle type matters as well. Though any vehicle can roll over, those with a higher center of gravity, including SUVs and vans, run the highest risk.

Many motor vehicle collisions involve a vehicle that rolled over. Those who were injured through little or no fault of their own may have a strong case on their hands, but they may want a lawyer to evaluate it in light of Mississippi’s pure comparative negligence rule and determine how much they might be eligible for in damages. They may have their lawyer negotiate on their behalf for a settlement covering past and future medical expenses and other losses.