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How Apple’s CarPlay makes driving more dangerous

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Texting is considered one of the most dangerous activities a motorist can do while behind the wheel in Mississippi or Alabama. While this may be true, using Apple’s CarPlay in conjunction with a car’s infotainment system could be even worse. Studies have shown that using this system has a worse impact on reaction times than marijuana.

CarPlay requires drivers to take their eyes off the road when they are operating the system. They are usually looking down at their phone and pressing the buttons. In a study, this was shown to slow reaction times by 57%, which was worse than texting. In fact, CarPlay encourages drivers to avert their gaze from the road for an extended period of time.

Safety advocates say that there are numerous ways Apple can make the system safer. While CarPlay already disables certain functions if it detects that it’s being used in a moving car, designers could strengthen these controls. At the same time, drivers should also work on their own to improve safety by setting playlists before they drive and pre-programming destinations. In any event, many analysts agree that the proliferation of entertainment options and technology make the roads less safe than days when all the driver had was the radio.

If a driver causes an accident while they’re using a hand-held device to operate their infotainment system, it could be considered negligent. The driver may be judged at fault for the accident. Those who have been injured in the accident could be eligible for financial compensation for their injuries. A victim could see a motor vehicle accident attorney to begin the process of filing a personal injury claim.